Tuesday, November 28, 2017

OWX Peflection

            I liked having someone who could actually take time to look at our work in depth instead of skimming over it because there is 50 more to look at and grade. Another reason is because the UNL student communicated with us better because they only had to teach or explain to two or three of us instead of fifty giving them time to see our needs better and teach us one on one.

        There is not much that can be done to make this experience better, except maybe getting to meet the UNL students more than once. Maybe once at the beginning of the exchange and once at the end.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Descriptive essay

My dad is a big reason I am who I currently am. He is always there to help me, always there to push me to the best I can be. When I fall down and get hurt helps me up and brushes me off, then sets me back right on the track I was on. He shows me his tricks to things and helps me learn the fastest way to get stuff done effectively.
        He stands a 5’ 11 with his almost entirely gray short curly hair, which is almost never seen under the hats he always wears. His sideburns turn into a beard that is like a wire brush, rough and pokey. His face is soft, unless he is mad, and not very well defined. His hazel eyes are always wide open noticing every little detail. He is broad and think in a threatening way, and his arms and legs are as thick as log.
He wears jeans and dark colored shirts almost always when he is working but when he relaxes shorts and a brightly colored t-shirt are the way to go.
        My dad is extremely strict about when things get done, not so much how but when. He is a big guy making him threatening but I see him more as Po from Kung Fu Panda, just he doesn’t know karate. He is a caring person with a soft spot for big cats, like pumpkin who weighs like twenty pounds. He loves to play games but because he has bad knees and shoulders we play inside more often, which I think is awesome because he gets into games I like, Minecraft, Call of Duty, Sniper Elite Three, are some of the games he plays with me. On weekends we stay up for a lot of Saturday playing a board game called Dungeons & Dragons, he loves this game because he can use his mind to play out the battle before it starts. He isn’t by any means the smartest man in the world but he isn’t dumb either, he’s good with cars and music because that is what he perused in college, otherwise he is average.
        He likes to show off his knowledge of cars by telling me what he wants to do with his Camaro. Things he says he would do is change the motor and put a 502 motor in and put a six speed transmission in he would put twelve inch wheels in and put 402 gears in the back. Increase the weight of the car and race the quarter mile.

Something he has done recently to inspire me in a positive way is showed me his wrestling tricks because I am going to try it for the first time. I wasn’t sure but when he showed me his tricks it sealed the deal I am wrestling; I am excited but nervous because I don’t know what I am doing. He is encouraging me to try new things and see if I like them, if I do he teaches me how to do stuff.

Eddie Grenier

            Several years ago my grandpa Edd died changing my entire life. One of the many things that changed is that my grandma remarried to a farmer named Greg who is funny, smart, knows German, has quick wit, can fly his plane, and always has a joke even about stuff that is going wrong for him. We know go down to his farm almost every weekend recently and help because his son quit and doesn’t help anymore, so we help with what we can. We also get to hunt which would be hard to do without Greg, but because he has lots of land, we get to hunt there. I have learned how to operate a tractor, drive a stick shift, herd cattle, hunt deer, and hunt dove. I have also learned how to fix fence line, ride horses, what it is like to fly a small plane.
            Another thing that changed is we know live in the house in O’Neill that Edd lived in with my grandma, my three uncles, and my dad. He would probably still live there and still be making his cinnamon rolls and jelly. He would still bring his cinnamon rolls to the hospital for the people, and he would still live with my grandma making his amazing food for all of us to eat and enjoy. He would still be around for fishing and building anything that he needs.
            I could have learned a lot from him but I didn’t get to because cancer has no found cure, but I have learned a lot from my new grandpa, and I am okay with that; I am happy that Edd is not in pain any more he is now in heaven smiling down at our achievements and grieving at our pain and hardship.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Descriptive Paragraph

Descriptive Paragraph

Standing at six foot Drew, my cousin, is someone I look up to. No seriously, I have to look up if I want to see him. First you might notice a fedora on his head, or his four inches of brown hair that lays in no particular style or way. Then you might notice his big, brown amber eyes filled with excitement and joy when we play games or maybe his bony built face. The next thing you might see is his huge grin with pearly white teeth always showing. Further along you could see his long neck and his pale skin. His torso is next, he isn’t broad or thick, more like a toothpick. You might even see him wearing his favorite grey and blue hoodie jacket, or a brightly colored shirt, sometimes you might even see both. His long bony arms and legs complete the toothpick build. He always wears jeans, or sweats and has matching black socks on his big feet, under his grey and blue shoes. Matching socks what a crazy person.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Tick Tock

Tick Tock
Tick Tock the clock runs down
,44 to 42, just behind

Not enough slack, they’re too quick

Tick tock the clock goes
I get the ball and run like I’ve never been hurt

Touch Down
In the lead
But is it enough

Tick Tock the clock runs down

Not quite
They scored again
We have the ball

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, Set Hut
The pass is to me
5, 4, 3, 2

Touch Down
The crowd goes wild

The game is ours